aif360.sklearn.metrics.average_odds_error(y_true, y_pred, prot_attr=None, pos_label=1, sample_weight=None)[source]

A relaxed version of equality of odds.

Returns the average of the absolute difference in FPR and TPR for the unprivileged and privileged groups:

\[\dfrac{|FPR_{D = \text{unprivileged}} - FPR_{D = \text{privileged}}| + |TPR_{D = \text{unprivileged}} - TPR_{D = \text{privileged}}|}{2}\]

A value of 0 indicates equality of odds.

  • y_true (pandas.Series) – Ground truth (correct) target values.
  • y_pred (array-like) – Estimated targets as returned by a classifier.
  • prot_attr (array-like, keyword-only) – Protected attribute(s). If None, all protected attributes in y_true are used.
  • priv_group (scalar, optional) – The label of the privileged group.
  • pos_label (scalar, optional) – The label of the positive class.
  • sample_weight (array-like, optional) – Sample weights.

float – Average odds error.